Pantone continues to make great color matches with Colorstrology

Looking for a creative idea, I came across the Pantone Colorstrology book at a Cincinnati Hallmark store. It stated that it would tell me what my Pantone color #15-1049 says about me. “Good luck!” I thought…

I opened to my birthdate and found that my color is Artisan’s Gold. Reading on, I found that I am expressive, imaginative and musical? Two out of three was still pretty good.

Anyway, I like creativity that jogs your thinking and makes you stop to consider the message. I think Michele Bernhardt’s Pantone book shows well thought out creativity pairing a recognized, colorful product with the emotion attached to your birthday. Finding it in a Hallmark store shows that the full product cycle was well thought out. Read more

6 tips for a great Cincinnati logo design

1. Trust your instincts
Go to perspective designer or agency websites to check out their logo portfolio. If there isn’t one, they may be guarding their client identities. Ask for 3 to 5 logos that best reflect their creative work. If there are samples on the website and you immediately sense “I like these!”, then pencil them in as a possibility. If you sense that they don’t match your taste, it’s time to move on. First impressions generally don’t lie in logo design. If you are not seeing design that resonates with you in the samples, you most likely won’t see it in concepts or final art for your logo. Living with a bad logo can be painful. Trust what you like to guarantee that you get it.

2. Maintain the focus
Your graphic designer probably comes equipped with Attention Deficit Disorder, which was bad in high school homeroom, but can serve them well in the creative space. Their brain is like the proverbial room full of cats. Make sure that your graphic designer channels their energy on your logo. Before you begin, take time to outline your likes, dislikes and expectations. Share this information with them at the outset and throughout the project to keep them on track. This will give you a greater selection of concept choices that you like. Plus, it can greatly shorten the project timeline. Read more

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