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"Get the facts first. Then distort them as you please."

Mark Twain

Awesome Boy Scouting - An institution at a fork in the trail

Boy-Scouts-of-AmericaYou might ask, “What does Boy Scouts have to do with what this guy is interested in. Read on…   There is not much that I encountered in having two sons that rivaled the Boy Scout experience. It was a unique bond between father and sons. It offered me the ability to watch my sons grow, not quickly, but in slow motion. Scouting made every experience together a scrapbook of great memories. I watched my boys grow in character, in physical stamina, religious affiliation,...
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6 Tips To Success: Achieving A Great Cincinnati Logo Design

6-tips-to-a-great-logo1. Trust your instincts Go to perspective designer or agency websites to check out their logo portfolio. If there isn't one, they may be guarding their client identities. Ask for 3 to 5 logos that best reflect their creative work. If there are samples on the website and you immediately sense "I like these!", then pencil them in as a possibility. If you sense that they don't match your taste, it's time to move on. First impressions generally don't lie in logo design....
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One World Trade Center - A spire or aspired design

911-my-respectful-viewYears ago, I rode the elevator to the observation deck of the World Trade Center. Since the buildings were a fixture on the New York skyline, I recall paying more attention to getting inside and taking those massive elevators to the top. It was an incredible view both outward across the New York City skyline and downward at the tiny streets below. It was truly inspiring. September 11, 2001 was a day that trashed the fond memory and locked in a dark one. You may share tha...
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Cincinnati Streetcar - A streetcar named "Der Zugger!"

Cincinnati-StreetcarRecently, the naming rights for the Cincinnati streetcar have been in discussions by our city government as a new revenue source. The following is an opinion and concept that I previously submitted to the city. This blog is written to put my two cent in on the conversation. The Cincinnati Streetcar name should reflect the city's heritage first. Sponsoring business(es) should play a secondary "Sponsored by:" roll. A few examples that come to mind are Fountain Square, Musi...
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A Florence (Kentucky) Renaissance

Florence-Shops-logoFlorence, Italy was the home to the Renaissance period in art. Out of this time came many Tuscan masterpieces in art and architecture. For our Northern Kentucky "Florence" there is bit of a Renaissance happening too. My artistic contribution was this icon representing a redeveloped shopping destination on Mall Road. As the property's stuctures were being brought current from a mid 80s facade, I felt that a geometric, simple look would suite it best. To me, the F represen...
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