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"Get the facts first. Then distort them as you please."

Mark Twain

A Florence (Kentucky) Renaissance

Florence-Shops-logoFlorence, Italy was the home to the Renaissance period in art. Out of this time came many Tuscan masterpieces in art and architecture. For our Northern Kentucky "Florence" there is bit of a Renaissance happening too. My artistic contribution was this icon representing a redeveloped shopping destination on Mall Road. As the property's stuctures were being brought current from a mid 80s facade, I felt that a geometric, simple look would suite it best. To me, the F represents a shopping aisles abstract. Maybe a little far-fetched. Maybe not.

My goal with logos is to place some symbolism in each one. That is the time-consuming aspect. My process: Multiple pencil roughs are done initially. I refine these to a bracket of the best ideas. These are presented. An initial selection is made and refined to a pixel-perfect logo package with formats for any application.

If you are considering a $29.95 logo, take a look at the provider's portfolio of samples. Typically, the icons on display can be found online as clipart. Don't get clipped. I'll custom-prepare your Cincinnati logo design to be a one-of-a-kind, and I'll do it for a reasonable fee.

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