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"Get the facts first. Then distort them as you please."

Mark Twain

Email vs Direct Mail

blog-mailPixels and postal might both have a place in your customer's mailbox. Any media manager will tell you that a balance of carefully selected advertising venues is key to reaching a greater audience and obtaining the desired results. Sadly though, most then illustrate reasons why your business should put all of its budget into their most favored media or outlet. In a way, the same is true for online and social media. Today's business and consumer audienc...
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A new logo puts things in motion...

allied-logoThis is a recent logo project for a Cincinnati plumbing contractor. The following is an illustration of the thought that was put into creating the logo: Subliminal cues from bright green and blue in the color palette suggest cleanliness and positivity. Motion is added to the graphic with the outer edges creating a swirling effect (what every homeowner wants to see when a plumber visits). Finally, retro 1950's type styling suggests the longevity that this f...
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Join Us On Jeremy's Road To Victory!

Jemery-logoJeremy Bernstein is a 13 year old Nagel student/Ayer graduate. On Feb 16, Jeremy suffered a massive brain bleed (burst vessel) which severely damaged his brain stem. After nearly 4 months at Children’s Hospital and many operations and procedures, Jeremy is making progress. While he is still reliant on a feeding tube and has limited movement, he can now respond to questions using finger gestures. Through this limited communicat...
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"I'll be more responsive this time"

Blog-image-AWelcome to the new Friedrich Advertising website. This site uses responsive. From desktop, to tablet, to mobile device, its content will resize to a readable scale. The result is no more squinting to see tiny pages on your phone. Ask us about building it into your new site. In 2013, our focus is online media, as it is opening up so many new opportunities for the company that advertises. In order to meet the diverse needs of different businesses, we've div...
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Never work a day in your life

Fried-rice-imageOctober 2013 marks my 25th year anniversary of independent graphic design. I've saved every single piece of art that I've created over that time. Every once in awhile I pull out the archives and look at the early stuff. Today it looks as if a high school art student created it. But it was a moment in time. I remember, I couldn't wait to get back to it each day. Back to that 8 inch monochrome Apple SE that I still have. Computers for average workers were st...
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