What's your color?

January 8, 2019
January 8, 2019 Friedrich Team

Looking for a creative idea, I came across the Pantone Colorstrology book at a Cincinnati Hallmark store. It stated that it would tell me what my Pantone color #15-1049 says about me. “Good luck!” I thought…

I opened to my birthdate and found that my color is Artisan’s Gold. Reading on, I found that I am expressive, imaginative and musical? Two out of three was still pretty good.

Anyway, I like creativity that jogs your thinking and makes you stop to consider the message. I think Michele Bernhardt’s Pantone book shows well thought out creativity pairing a recognized, colorful product with the emotion attached to your birthday. Finding it in a Hallmark store shows that the full product cycle was well thought out.

Today, even though it’s not my birthday, I think Pantone Artisan’s Gold is a good match. As I contemplated having a blog on my website, my Colorstrology told me, “Your creative expression is vital to you well-being.” It also tells me, “Your personal color helps you move past worry and self-doubt.” For that reason (and for good karma) I have chosen to make Artisan’s Gold a support color on my website and to definitely include a blog.

Want to know your Pantone color? Let me know and I’ll send it to you, but it probably won’t be on your birthday either.

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