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May 4, 2019
May 4, 2019 Friedrich Team

You hear it all the time: Content is king. 

But what does that really mean? And is it even true? 

While the phrase may be overused (and oversimplified) by everyone from web developers to copywriters, the fact is that content is the most critical component of your website because it serves two major purposes: it helps your audience learn about your product or service and aids in your website’s overall health, ranking well in search engines.

Think of it this way: Content may be your website’s “king” – but it doesn’t rule alone, rather alongside other elements including great design and functionality, optimized conversion tools like call tracking and form submissions, and paid ads like Google Ads that help target potential buyers. 

Over the past five years, content marketing has gone through an evolution, from copy riddled with keywords in hopes of gaining in search ranking (known as “keyword stuffing”) to more creative, genuine content that speaks to the reader on a more personal level. 

Great content is ultimately concerned with the experience a person has when they’re looking at your website. 

So how do you create great content for your website? We’ll tell you how below:  

Avoid sounding like a salesman. Visitors to your website don’t want a sales pitch, but to feel they can trust the company and the services or product they want to buy. Establish trust by talking to them in a friendly, down-to-earth tone. Your expertise will come out naturally if the content is well-crafted and honest. 

Content Should Serve a Purpose.  Every page on your site should have value. Make sure your website has educational and informative content; something the reader can “take away,” for example a blog article on the latest trends relative to your business. Educational and informative content builds credibility and positions your business as one your customers can trust. 

Look Beyond the Website. Today, content marketing is a multichannel endeavor. Your website serves as a hub, essentially, for other content drivers including social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Video is swiftly becoming another way to increase traffic to your website. 

Blog content on your website can be shared in a variety of platforms to help market your business. Don’t reinvent the wheel, repurpose your website content to reach more channels – and more customers.  

Consider Every Element. Content isn’t just the words on the page, but also images including photos and graphics. The more inviting the webpage, the more time a person will engage with the site.  

For Better Writing, Use Numbers. The best content marketers rely on data to craft content and then monitor its success. Keyword planning tools like Google’s Keyword Planner as well as SEO services found on SEMrush are essential in building high quality content strategies designed to deliver results.

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