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July 2, 2019
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July 2, 2019 Friedrich Team

Most popular web browsers out there today, like Chrome, Safari and Firefox have a lot to offer, but newer web browsers are changing the game concerning privacy and security. Many of these new browsers are highly customizable. This gives you the ability to create your optimal browsing experience. 

Below is our list of the six latest web browsers for privacy and security. Some of them are free,  or at least offer a free version, so you can try them to see which is the best fit for you. 

Some, like Vivaldi, allow you to view multiple websites at once, while others like Readdle are great for iOS users who need to file share or open PDF files regularly. 

One of DuckDuckGo’s best feature is that it allows for completely private browsing for both iOS and Android smartphones. This earns the browser top marks when it comes to security and privacy. DuckDuckGo won’t upload your search history into other servers. In fact, the web app blocks online search history and tracking entirely. 

The app makes it easy for you to delete your search history. All you have to do is tap an icon on the home page and it will automatically erase all your search data. Additionally, DuckDuckGo features a current security rating on every website you visit. If you want to know more about the particular website before you go any further, you can tap to see a security report card. 

This free web browser is designed for Android tablets and both Android and iOS smartphones. Better privacy is a big feature of Aloha, as it has an incognito mode and built-in VPN service, which helps your phone use less data while surfing while also offering better privacy. 

Aloha blocks banner ads and pop-ups, and users can upgrade by paying a monthly fee so that Aloha’s own ads are blocked as well. And while its privacy and security benefits are the main reason users choose Aloha, the app earns high marks for ease of use and design as well.

Created by the developers of Opera (we’ll discuss this browser below), Vivaldi uses the same technology as Google Chrome, which gives users the ability to add any Chrome extension from its web store. 

User experience and customization is the big reason most use Vivaldi. You can customize the look of the browser easily and quite a bit – from moving the tool bar anywhere in the page to arranging pages when you’re browsing multiple sites. 

Opera is available on smartphones (even BlackBerry), and features a desktop version, as well. It’s desktop version, first launched in 1996, features a significant amount of add-ons that offer an enhanced user experience, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a customizable browser. 

The desktop version of Opera features built-in screencap functionality as well as a pinned taskbar on the left side of the screen. And Opera features a USB version – Opera USB – that allows you to run the browser off a USB port. The benefit of this is that you can store programs on the port and use Opera when you’re not using your personal computer. 

Brave is another web browser that earns high marks when it comes to security and private browsing. It blocks all cookies, phishing, malware and advertising and, thanks to its HTTPS Everywhere feature, it prevents fingerprinting. It’s also a very fast browser, thanks to less data that can overload systems due to ads.

Brave also uses a cryptocurrency called the Basic Attention Token (BAT) that can be used to fund website owners and content creators. Through Brave ads, you can earn BATs when you browse.  

What sets Readdle apart from other new web browsers is its ability to serve as a PDF reader, ZIP reader, e-book reader, and a file manager. Basically, if you deal with a lot of content, Readdle is a great browser to use. 

Readdle is available for iPhone and iPad users, and gives iOS users the ability to download PDFs and other files that get typically blocked. You can also download and save videos and other media.  

When it comes to privacy, you can’t go wrong with any of these six web browsers. Set aside some time to try them out. You may be surprised at how well they perform next to today’s popular web browsers.   

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